TANGRAM Architekten | De Hoofdstad – Cordaan

De Hoofdstad – Cordaan

De Hoofdstad – Cordaan, Amsterdam

Cordaan, an aged care facility in Amsterdam, will set a new standard of housing for people with dementia and other aged health problems. The purpose of the facility is to provide a living environment where elderly people can live happily during the various stages of their illness. It starts with the location, urban residents want to stay in the city even when they get old. ‘De Hoofstad’ (The Capital) is situated in the ‘Zuidas’; a centre of activity in southern Amsterdam with residential, working and recreational functions.

City life will be the back drop to this living environment for as long as is possible. Over time, as mental and physical capabilities diminish, the residents coping circle will as well. The building will offer respite and a living environment to counter these changes. It is designed to have gradual transitions and logical circuits called ‘living rings’, which are coupled to larger circulation routes so that people with various sensitivities can circulate and come into contact with each other organically. The building therefore becomes a world that can be reduced to a scale that residents can absorb. Even if they are not able to go outside independently, there is a cascading garden and greenhouse present on every level of the building.


Location Amsterdam, Kop Zuidas
Completion 2017-2018
Client Cordaan
Construction Bouwbedrijf De Nijs Warmenhuizen
Description 50 dwellings with  facilities