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Designing with water

The city can be considered as a layered system made up of spatial components such as morphology, infrastructure, networks of greenery and water, and socio-economic factors such as population composition, income and education levels, and ownership structures. Water and greenery play a particularly key role as spatial layers at all scales in a densely built-up environment

The existence of urban gardens for food production, close to the people who will consume the produce, will become increasingly important in the future metropolis. Green and blue structures contribute to the sense of ‘escaping for a while’ and being in contact with nature. Accordingly, greenery and water add tremendous value to the quality of urban space and buildings.

Many of Tangram’s buildings embrace public space and are situated directly beside — and sometimes even in — areas of green or water. The resulting atmosphere is enhanced because interior and exterior engage with each other. Water and green contribute significantly to the climate and energy management of buildings, providing both privacy and spaciousness.