April 5, 2018, the go-ahead has been given for the construction of Zuidoever, a new residential institution for demented and somatic elderly people in Amsterdam. This group of people who need a lot of care is often ‘forgotten’. Tangram and client Cordaan want to change that.

Not tucked away 

Zuidoever is an environment where the elderly can participate in ordinary life for as long as possible. Where they feel at home in the various phases of their illness and are happy. Not tucked away, but in the middle of the buzzing city where most residents have spent a large part of their lives. The housing is fully geared to this so that there is always visual contact with the neighborhood.
Treating needy elderly with respect requires sophisticated customization. Zuidoever is not a ‘cold’ 
care environment, but a friendly, warm place with lots of light, greenery and facilities. No ‘Brussels sprouts’, but quality in the broadest sense of the word, with a lot of attention to personal needs.

Summer and winter garden

The courtyard is an important part of the building. Here memories of the past can be stimulated with plants, smells, sounds and images. The garden, which is partly protected by a greenhouse, can be used all year round, even in winter. The greenhouse is directly adjacent to the apartments. This is not only good for the residents, but also for family members who come to visit. Zuidoever is an important pilot project for future care facilities. Cordaan is setting a new standard for housing people with dementia or other age-related problemen.