Newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad interviewed Bart Mispelblom Beyer (as chairman of the Triangel team) and Mauro Parravicini (Urban Arcipelago team) about their visions for the Fellenoord district in Eindhoven. The area Fellenoord / station was one of the five test locations of the design study City of the Future.

Both teams opted for a flexible development of the area around Neckerspoel Square and the station. However, Urban Arcipelago already had a clear interpretation for 2040 (the time-scale) in mind. Triangel, on the other hand, gave the initiative for a design of the square and no final image. Because, this is the vision of this team, ‘we can not possibly know how the city develops in 2040’. That is why Triangel has mainly focused on developing a new, flexible approach to urban design with the aim of making cities more future-proof.

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