Dental practice with 2 living units





With the intention of establishing a dental practice and two residences, the client purchased a plot of land directly on the north side of an elongated row of single-family homes. This urban setting brought forth several defining and limiting conditions. The blind gable end of the single-family home on the south side of the building plot caused problematic sunlight exposure for a portion of the land. Additionally, the design of the north side of the already constructed residential development called for a proper completion—a striking “head.”

In collaboration with TANGRAM, the client established the program requirements for the practice: an open, distinctive atmosphere with a clear identity and various workstations for medical treatment.

With future expansion in mind, an additional treatment room was added. Additionally, the program included several laboratory spaces for accommodating specific dental techniques. This brought the total area to approximately 200m2, coupled with a spacious patio adjacent to the practice. The substantial size of the practice area led to the conclusion that the two residences should be built above the practice. Thus, the client became a developer on a small scale, creating a notable live-work building: their own practice and two residential units for sale. To ensure a seamless connection, the interface with the adjacent building was designed at the same height, with special attention given to material continuity and transition. The maisonette, covering 140m2, and the apartment, covering 152m2, each have their own entrance and storage space on the ground floor.



“The head”

Building shape


Shape study

Facade structure 


Roof opening

Practice entrance

Inside the practice. Spaces form a cohesive whole.

Ground floor

First floor

Second floor