Hagevoortdreef, Almere


47 single-family homes


Kingma bouw, Lelystad





A location right on a busy thoroughfare in Almere-Stad was designated for approximately 50 family homes. The excessive traffic noise had a decisive influence on the layout of the homes, which were accommodated in two elongated blocks.

Two 12-meter-high and partly curved walls form the edge of the extensive new residential area and the sound barrier for the adjacent elongated residential ensembles. The sound barrier – harsh and unforgiving on the north side, with only occasional soundproof windows – wraps around the homes and is interrupted only by elongated vertical peepholes indicating the rhythm of the homes behind. The south side faces the residential area and, with its wooden facades, has acquired a softer character and a human scale.


A backyard was not possible due to the high noise levels along the elevated traffic artery and was therefore placed within the home as a patio. This unconventional spatial layout for this category made these homes unique and elevated them from the least favored location to the most beloved in the neighborhood.

Urban scale demands collectivity, while individuality is important for residents in a suburban living environment. Unity of the two mega-blocks is sought in the design with facades in angular volumes, in an endless rhythm of wooden slats. These form the backdrop on the stage where the daily lives of the residents unfold. Variations in the singular image arise from the individual interpretation of usage possibilities. This leads to a pleasant unity in diversity in the overall visual appeal.

geluidswalwoningen link_hedenhaagse architectuur in nederland
geluidswalwoningen link_ritmiek in western red cedar
geluidswalwoningen link_ruime en lichte woningen achter ‘muur van jericho’