Ecuplein, Amsterdam-Osdorp


65 appartementen, 2 penthouses,
parkeergarage en warmtekrachtcentrale


Delta roA Amsterdam; SBDN VOF, Beverwijk/Warmenhuizen; Woningstichting Zomers Buiten, Amsterdam





Zorro residential tower is located at the intersection of the two main axes in the housing district of De Aker. As the only high-rise structure in the district, the tower forms a landmark for the surroundings. The eighteen-floor building stands on a raised central square, beneath which is a car park and combined heat/power plant.

The residential building is designed as an abstract sculpture based on the figure of Zorro: dominant, proudly upright, and draped in an elegant cloak. The façade planes reflect the circular arrangement of the surrounding development, while the rectangular back is faced in brick and follows the rigid grid of the surrounding streets. Individual apartments are subordinate to the main form and abstract façade pattern,  yet they enjoy maximum openness, quality and orientation 

Facade pattern, yet still achieve maximum openness, quality, and optimal sunlight exposure. All apartments are oriented towards the southwest or southeast.


The windows spiral upwards around the building up to the seventeenth floor. This design conceals the floors, giving the tower a sculptural character. Inside the apartments, this results in windows at various heights, providing distant views and contact with the world below.

From the two penthouses on the top floor, you have views extending to the dunes on clear days.

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