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Intelligent intensification

Over the coming decades the world’s population will rise from 7 to 9 billion people. This means a weekly increase of one million people, all of whom need living space. Research has shown that the majority of these people will end up living in around existing urban areas. Future generations therefore face the important task of ensuring that urbanization takes place in a responsible manner. After all, this massive process of urbanization calls for new concepts the integration of nature within city boundaries to benefit food supply, water management, energy production and more.

Densification itself is not the solution. Densification calls for an intelligent process of intensification that responds to the needs of a new era, not only protecting the landscape but also strengthening the vitality of the city. Intelligent intensification is therefore the motto. Dual land use and mixed-use development offer important strategies, and approaching buildings, infrastructure and landscape in an integral manner is vital. Such an approach does not imply a maximum density at the expense of the city. On the contrary, it offers opportunities to create attractive environments in which to live and work. Additional programmes are anything but a problem. In fact, they are the solution for revitalizing the city.