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Galaxy hotel and dwellings

Galaxy Tower hotel and houses, Utrecht

On the Jaarbeursplein, Galaxy Tower, a 92 meter high hotel and residential tower, will rise in the coming years. On the first floors is the 4-star Amrâth Galaxy Jaarbeurs Hotel with approximately 250 rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and wellness. There are more than 300 apartments above this. The tower will have an open structure with roof gardens and a striking ceramic cladding. There are also solar panels in the façade.
Hotel and homes will soon benefit from each other’s presence: some of the facilities of the hotel are available to the residents.

Transformation area
Around the central station of Utrecht more than 35 locations are working on a transformation to a mixed area of ​​living and facilities. The location Jaarbeursplein is important for the development of Utrecht center towards the west side of the city. Galaxy Tower is one of the first developments there. With a mixed program, the tower has an important hinge function to the rear neighborhood.

Double roll
The tower is not only a link between the practicality of the Jaarbeursplein and the new residential neighborhood to be developed; Galaxy also has to fulfill a dual role visually. It is a high urban building with a scale that can hook up with the new residential area. To achieve this, the tower is built up of smaller, stacked building volumes. To make the atmosphere and view of the hotel rooms attractive, green façades create a unique high quality all around. With this, the building also meets the new sustainability requirements of the municipality of Utrecht.
Galaxy Tower also receives spectacularly low energy consumption, thanks to the solar panels that are integrated into the outer walls.

Location Utrecht
Completion 2021-2022
Client Amrath hotel chain; de Lelie Vastgoed BV
Construction Ballast Nedam
Description Hotel with c. 250 rooms and c. 300 dwellings, car park, Jaarbeursplein Utrecht