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Block 29, Amsterdam IJburg

IJburg is a high density district — about twice the average for a VINEX housing development — and that density has to be achieved with at least sixty percent ground-access dwellings. This calls for the strategic use of limited space within urban blocks.

Compact in design, Block 29 tightly interweaves living, working and recreation. The plot arrangement, a matrix of mesh sizes, results in a range of environments, varying from metropolitan living along the main access route to secluded living overlooking the collective ‘urban rooms’. The ground-access dwellings around these outdoor rooms are arranged in such a way that the bordering area becomes a transitional zone between public and private.

Externally, Block 29 reads as a compact entity, wrapped for the most part in expanses of brickwork that are interrupted by urban gateways and narrow alleyways. The façades to the courtyard, by contrast, display a high degree of plasticity and openness, articulating the transitional zones between public and private. The combination of various typologies — live-work units, commercial spaces and apartments — results in a surprising configuration, proving that high density can lead to atmospheric, good-quality living environments.

The block contains 19 housing units for the elderly , part of them mentally disabled, with a medical center, meetingspace and central kitchen and psychiatrical care.


Location Amsterdam
Completion 2006
Client Waterstad 3
Construction Florie & Van den Heuvel; BK Bouw; Vink Bouw
Description  161 dwellings, 24 of which handicapped-accessible, 2000 m2 commercial space, parkinggarage 200 places