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Ijburg Block 29

in Amsterdam’s new development known as IJburg, a new island in the ‘Ij’ near Amsterdam, population density is about twice as high as in similar new town developments. This density must be achieved while ensuring that at least 60% of the dwellings are accessable from the street level- the well known town house. Furthermore a mix with other functions like shops, restaurants, childrens daycare, health care  and general working spaces is part of the program. The relatively high density requires strategic dealing with limited public space within the blocks.

Block 29 measures about 240x 600 ft and is subdivided into a matrix with parcels of varying sizes so that different kinds of living environments are created within the block . The big city atmosphere can be found on the sides facing main Ijburg streets. Inside the block : a sheltered world characterized by a number of common spaces, smaller and larger interior courtyards (‘urban living rooms’).

Living, working and recreation are all closely interwoven.

The town house type units edge the blocks interior courtyards with a carefully designed transitio space. This forms an invitation to ‘urban outside living’ and meet the neighbours in an unforced way.  Thus the living environment is extended into the public environment.


Ijburg Block 29
Waterstad 3
Florie & Van den Heuvel, BK Bouw, Vink Bouw
161 dwellings, 24 of for mentally disabled, 2000 m2 commercial space. parkinggarage 200 places