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The village of Bilthoven is wonderfully situated in green surroundings. The village has a lively centre surrounded by neighbourhoods of varied character and densities. Koperwieklaan is located on the boundary between a neighbourhood of villas and a district built in the 1960s. At present the area looks disorganized, but fresh impetus can transform it into a luxury residential area, with seniors as the primary target group. Koperwieklaan is within walking distance of the village centre, and the Koperwijk residential-care complex could provide care at a distance.

Placed on an underground car park, the three building volumes form an ensemble of about thirty homes. The height of the development responds to its surroundings: volumes on the villa side are kept low, but rise in height towards the taller residential-care complex. Oriented to the surrounding greenery with (roof) terraces and balconies, the dwellings are highly flexible in use and well-orientated to the sun. The site itself is laid out as a collective garden, and the preservation of existing trees ensures a pleasant residential climate right from the start. The architecture and the layout of the garden enhance the character of the location, blending harmoniously with the various atmospheres in the surroundings.


Location Bilthoven
Completion Unbuilt
Client Synchroon
Description 30 senior citizen homes