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Over the coming years, the town of Almelo will undergo a fundamental transformation, involving the redevelopment of the site of the old Almeline factory behind the station. Tall structures within the new development will not only make it visible from the town centre but also become part of the skyline of Almelo.

The central element of LOC23 is a square-like space that extends the new station forecourt, creating a town ‘vestibule’ surrounded by urban blocks. Attractive and vibrant functions are located here, among them businesses and services of importance for the quality of public space. The design of the residential blocks around the car parks offers great freedom of layout, ensuring that they can continue to meet housing demand in the future.

Such a density will only be acceptable if combined with public space and the proximity of services. The conditions for LOC23 are favourable: the adjacent neighbourhood of Kerkelande is spacious and green in layout, and surrounding the project are the town centre, public transport connections, shops and employment. In addition, the new residential environment features collective amenities and an urban square. The tall development, which acts as a landmark, and the central square create a clear sequence of spatial and functional highlights, lending fresh impetus to the town and the area around the site.


Location Almelo
Completion unbuilt
Client Rabo Vastgoed; Municipality Almelo
Description 300 houses, 2600 m2 commercial spaces, parking around a square


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