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TANGRAM works on projects that can best be described as ‘research by design’, focused on defining the best programme for complex urban design assignments. The initial programme is the the point of departure, to be developed further. This method illustrates the changing field of work, which calls for new skills and a broader understanding of projects.

TANGRAM has adapted accordingly as an organization. The office consists of a core group of talented architects who can initiate and manage projects of all scales and who are capable of defining a programme for a given site. Depending on the phase and complexity of a project, the team is expanded with additional partners, among them development experts, acoustic advisors, structural engineers, cost experts, sustainability specialists and social engineers. This limits overheads, and brings the right experts on board at the right time.

For its international projects, Tangram is a member of the Go Dutch Consortium, which it also chairs. This collaborative amalgamation brings together various Dutch specialists in the field of architecture, landscape and urban design, economics, socio-cultural processes and project development. The Go Dutch Consortium is ‘Partner in international Business’ with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.