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Noise barrier housing

Tangram designed 47 unique single-family homes along a major road in the city of Almere. An unusual solution was adopted for the standard programme of family housing on this noise-free site. Hidden behind a long noise barrier, the ground-access dwellings acquire an added dimension and a character that is specific to the location.

The tall, curved wall forms a noise barrier for two elongated ensembles and also marks the edge of an extensive area of new housing. Hard and relentless, this twelve-metre-tall barrier wraps around the dwellings and is interrupted only by slender vertical viewing slots that indicate the rhythm of the housing development behind. In contrast, the southern side, orientated towards the neighbourhood, is softer in character, featuring façades of wood and a human scale.

An urban scale calls for collectivity, while residents in a suburban residential environment value individuality. The latter is achieved through personal elaboration behind the windows and in the front gardens. However, the design establishes unity with its façade of angular corners and endless rhythm of wooden slats, creating a backdrop to the podium on which daily life is played out. Variations in composition occur through individual interpretations of occupation, different for every resident.

Location Almere
Completion 2004
Client Kingma bouw, lelystad
Construction Kingma bouw, lelystad
Description 47 houses behind a noise barrier


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