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Design study City of the Future

Design study into the City of the Future 2040. Tangram Architekten is chairman of the Triangel team, a multidisciplinary team that focuses on the test location Fellenoord in Eindhoven.

City of the Future is an initiative by a joint initiative of BNA Research, TU Delft, Delta Metropolis Association, the municipalities of Amsterdam / Rotterdam / The Hague / Eindhoven / Utrecht, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of the Interior.
In addition to Eindhoven, there are four other test locations: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Various teams look at new ways of making city.

Goal study

The aim of the design study is to give direction to future urban area developments. No science fiction but a real future. Team Triangel investigates how the city of the future can become attractive and future-proof. Is it possible to come up with an approach that guarantees a sustainable future, apart from specific tasks? A helicopter vision that goes beyond tackling current issues and politics. The time horizon of the research is 2040, but the study also works on steps and images for the intervening period. Ultimately, roadmaps have to come, roads that show how the City of the Future can be realized. The square kilometer where everything comes together is the measure that we view at all locations.

For this design study, multidisciplinary teams have been formed with architects, landscape architects, urban planners, mobility experts, experts in the field of circular economy, energy transition, future strategies, smart cities, etc. There is collaboration with municipalities, stakeholders and experts. During 2018, there will be masterclasses, local workshops and plenary meetings to work step by step towards visions and ideas. The outcomes of the study will be bundled and published in early 2019.



Location wijk Fellenoord, Eindhoven
Team Triangel Bart Mispelblom Beyer van Tangram Architekten, Wouter Veldhuis van MUST, Ben van de Ven van Urban Sync, Marjolijn Versteegden van Arcadis, Aeisso Boelman van Fakton, Dolf Becx van Becx & van Loon, Masja Cohen, antropoloog, Bas Hilckman van 3pm, Peter Besselaar VU, Hans Teerds TU Delft en Onno Dwars van Ballast Nedam Development.
Initiative BNA Onderzoek, TU Delft, Vereniging Deltametropool, de gemeenten Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Den Haag/Eindhoven/Utrecht, het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat en het Ministerie van Binnenlandse zaken.

Onderzoek naar de Stad van de Toekomst (2040)
Uitkomsten begin 2019

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