Jan Schaffelaarplantsoen, close to the Kolenkit area in Amsterdam, is a greenfield site beside the A10 motorway. For this site Tangram Architekten developed the revolutionary proposal entitled ‘Rhapsody in West’. In close cooperation with local residents, Tangram came up with a dynamic design that combines high density with plenty of space for greenery and water. A striking feature of this project is energy performance. Rhapsody in West will generate more energy than it consumes, giving it a negative EPC. The scheme offers a pleasant residential climate with affordable rents on a sensitive and complex urban site, making it a model for future developments. Rhapsody in West will contain about 250 dwellings and amenities on a site smaller than one hectare. CBRE, the most sustainable investor and manager of housing complexes on a long-term basis, according to GRESB, has purchased Rhapsody in West. Construction of this innovative project starts in mid-2016.