Creating space through densification is the motto for the upcoming design challenge

Effective connectivity can be pivotal for the development of urban areas. The city center of Almelo, perceived as isolated from the A… highway, can be transformed by undertaking a major redevelopment of the … km-long route that connects the two. This route will link different districts, including those that are underdeveloped or undergoing reorganization, and provide them with new programmatic elements. The ultimate goal is to create improved connections and a higher-quality living environment. This will be achieved by significantly increasing the availability of residential, commercial, cultural, and other amenities. Simultaneously, the development will enhance both mobility and the green infrastructure. By addressing aspects such as green spaces, water elements, urban morphology, and infrastructure simultaneously, a comprehensive transformation can take place.

Tilburg is experiencing rapid urban growth beyond its municipal boundaries and needs to accommodate a substantial increase in development. At the same time, it takes pride in its green character. This paradox serves as a guiding principle for the solutions regarding the southern entrance of the city.

By adopting a strategy of stacking landscapes, opportunities arise to create a new traffic junction with a transferium, a large supermarket, and 150,000 square meters of built program including residential areas, offices, and a museum. Simultaneously, 38 hectares of new park space will be established. The involvement of local residents is integral to the development process.

In most cases, successful urban improvement relies on a comprehensive approach that considers all layers simultaneously. The intensification of built programs and infrastructure should go hand in hand with the enhancement of green and water structures. Green spaces are of paramount importance for the quality of urban experience. Dominant green structures need to be protected and improved. The Kleverlaanzone in Haarlem serves as an example of such a significant green structure.

By incorporating programs that cater to both local residents and visitors, such as a Nature and Environment Information Center, resources can be generated to completely renovate the park. This approach not only revitalizes the green space but also provides opportunities for educational and recreational activities, fostering a deeper connection between the community and the natural environment.