300 apartments, 2600 m2 commercial space, parking, surrounding square


Rabo Real Estate / Municipality of Almelo


2006 – 2012



Almelo is undergoing a significant transformation in the coming years, part of which involves the development of the area surrounding the old Almeline factory, located at the ‘rear’ of the train station.

The inclusion of elevated structures in the architecture ensures that the location not only becomes visible from the city center but also becomes a prominent feature in Almelo’s skyline.

The core of LOC23 is a plaza-like space, an extension of the new train station square, functioning as the ‘vestibule’ of the city, surrounded by urban blocks. This area encompasses appealing and vibrant functions, such as businesses and amenities crucial for enhancing the quality of public space. The residential structure surrounding the parking facilities provides the plan with significant flexibility in layout, allowing it to continually adapt to evolving housing demands.

Such density is only accepted in combination with open space and proximity to amenities. The conditions for LOC23 are favorable: the adjacent Kerkelande neighborhood is spacious and green in design, with the city center, public transportation, shops, and job opportunities surrounding the project. Additionally, collective facilities and a city square are integral parts of the new residential environment. The high-rise structures with landmark significance, along with the central square, create a clear sequence of spatial and functional highlights, providing the city and the surroundings of the area with a new impetus.