The past of a place, whether positive or negative, plays a vital role in fostering a sense of connection and community spirit.

OURDOMAIN is considered the final piece of the puzzle in the reconstruction of Rotterdam, which was heavily affected during World War II. With an abstracted photo of the day after the major bombing in May 1940 etched into its aluminum facade, the OURDOMAIN building references the catastrophe that occurred on this site. The first commemoration, shortly after the opening, took shape with the projection of 1000 names of victims onto the facade.

TETEM 3 is set to become ‘the final icon of Roombeek.’ In the year 2000, the devastating fireworks disaster occurred here, virtually destroying the entire neighborhood. In this last icon, the explosion is symbolically represented through a facade that, without being explicit, embodies the devastation with its crumpled appearance.

The Energy Park, located on the city side of the Singel surrounding the old town of Leiden, is being revitalized. Valuable old buildings are being repurposed, and new ones are being added. The result will be a mixed-use area where living is fantastic, close to the old city, and where the Ambachtsplein (Craftsmanship Square) will play a special role in showcasing old and new crafts. A new makerspace, an outdoor stage, outdoor workshops for stonemasonry, terraces for the brewery, and a boarding point for water taxis will bring vibrancy to this part of the historic city center.