André van der Louwbrug 4, Rotterdam


612 city apartments for students and young professionals, flexible study and workspaces, music room, game room, cinema, fitness center, laundry, bar/restaurant, bike storage


Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC


Stebru / Drees & Sommer Netherlands (vml. BOAG)


December 2021 – January 2022




In the heart of Rotterdam, just a stone’s throw away from the Markthal, stands the 70-meter-high tower OurDomain. A distinctive building of 24 floors intended for (international) students and young professionals.

The location of this building carries historical significance. On May 14, 1940, the Germans bombed the historic city center of Rotterdam. A large part of the monumental houses and buildings was obliterated or consumed by flames. OurDomain now occupies the heart of the place where the German bombs struck the city. This part of the city center had never been rebuilt after the war. The residential tower is considered one of the final pieces in the Rotterdam ‘reconstruction.’

The location of OurDomain is excellent: situated along the Wijnhaven and within walking distance of key urban amenities. Its strategic positioning is also ideal, located on the ‘Knowledge Axis’ with university buildings, medical centers, and high-quality work facilities within reach.

Both public transportation and major urban facilities are within walking distance.


The development here was not immediately obvious; the triangular strip of grass (against the slope of the extended Willemsbrug) did not offer much space. However, with a well-thought-out plan, it was still possible to design a tower with over 600 small and medium-sized urban residences.

OurDomain occupies a pivotal position between the old and new parts of the city. Therefore, efforts were made to complement the residential program: the first building layers house public functions such as restaurants, hair salons, libraries, and study spaces. In the basement, Rotterdam’s largest bicycle storage is located; the building does not accommodate cars – public transportation is nearby. The ground floor has an open character, allowing street life to literally continue into the building.

On the roof, there is a spectacular rooftop garden of 600 m2 with a view over the Nieuwe Maas and the city skyline.

With OurDomain, Rotterdam has gained a new city gate, along with a genuine urban entrance on the side of the Willem de Kooning Academy.

The design pays homage to the robust reconstruction architecture of Rotterdam. Notably, the distinctive facade cladding, etched irregularly in aluminum, alludes to the ruins after the bombing. As a symbol of hope and resilience, the facade becomes a subtle ‘light beacon’ for the city in the evening.”

De Architect: Hoe Tangram met OurDomain recht doet aan de Rotterdamse oorlogsgeschiedenis

Uitgelicht: geanodiseerde gevelpanelen met een boodschap

woontoren Rotterdam

Beacon of light from the center

Before 1940

The bombing

The fire boundary

Not rebuilt after 1945

Waalhaven after the bombing

Translated to etching

Facade in etching

Stacking of programs

A stamp plot

Urban relationship

Split level

City gate

Reconstruction completed

Spectacular 360-degree rooftop terrace