Spatiality benefits from continuity

For the city apartments located on top of the hotel at Galaxy, the entrance hall serves as a significant showcase to the city. This space, highly visible from Jaarbeursplein and the street, is designed as a gathering area with a lounge corner, fireplace, and small library, symbolizing the modern and homely character of the apartments themselves.

The interior of the partly new, partly renovated Lyceum in Amsterdam West dominates the outside world surrounding the schoolyard. Through large glass walls, multicolored luminous panels express the diversity of the school population and education, aligning with the modern educational vision promoted by the school board. These panels also bridge the gap between the old and new buildings within the school. The result is an image that strongly resonates with the world of the students. As a consequence, the school’s popularity and student enrollment have significantly increased.

Stripped of outdated elements, the TANGRAM office reveals itself with a beautiful concrete skeleton, filled with purely natural and untreated materials such as steel, glass, plaster, and wood-wool cement. The spatial effect is overwhelming.