Eemlandstraat 2, Amsterdam Kop Zuidas


54 residential care units and facilities for individuals with dementia or somatic complaints; 3 apartments are suitable for living with a partner.


Cordaan Care Organization


september 2021


Amsterdam New Building Prize 2021
ARC Interior Award 2020 (the Architect)




Zuidoever is a groundbreaking concept that radically departs from the traditional setup of care and nursing homes. It prioritizes comfort and privacy, allowing residents to continue living as they are accustomed to. It marks the inception of ‘De Oevers’, the new residential, care, and welfare formula by the Amsterdam-based healthcare organization Cordaan. De Oevers encompasses a high-quality living environment where residents feel at ease and happy during various stages of their conditions. The fundamental principle is that activating seniors leads to better quality of life and more efficient care, as active seniors tend to maintain well-being and happiness for an extended period. Zuidoever is designed to facilitate and encourage this.

Zuidoever accommodates both seniors with dementia and those with somatic conditions, imposing specific requirements on the residential care environment. Individuals with dementia often benefit from a more secluded setting, while those with physical limitations prefer to engage with the outside world. Within Zuidoever, both scenarios are possible: it offers a broader external environment and can contract into a secure, homely space. The building ‘adapts to the residents’; their world can expand or contract based on their needs, providing privacy and opportunities to socialize.

The design incorporates gradual transitions and logical circulation paths (‘living rings’) that can connect to form larger circuits. This natural approach ensures that individuals with varying ranges of activity come into contact with each other. Dead ends are not present in the design.

Nature, greenery, and water are crucial elements that deeply penetrate the building. The partially enclosed courtyard, surrounded by a greenhouse, is accessible on every level throughout the year.

In such a building, the exterior and interior are inseparably linked, forming a unified entity.

TANGRAM has meticulously determined the interior details in close collaboration with Cordaan’s management. Considerable attention has been given to the tactility of (sometimes unconventional) materials, as the sense of touch remains intact longer than other senses. Colors strike a deliberate balance between light and dark, saturated and unsaturated. The atmospheres align with perception: for instance, the greenhouse is authentically designed as a garden, complete with corresponding furniture and lighting. Common facilities, such as open kitchens in the heart of the building and the music hall, encourage interaction and bring residents together.

Zuidoever is designed to maintain its value in the future. If preferences or target groups change, it can be easily adapted.”


View from the garden

Main entrance

Soundproof barriers

Zuidoever nominated for the Amsterdam New Building Prize 2021. The video was created by AT5

Second Life: Apartments

Between two living groups

Stacked garden

In the beginning

Two years later

Communal kitchen

Central kitchen

Group table

Entrance apartment

Display case

Common living room

Watching television together


Communal kitchen