ZUIDOEVER, Amsterdam



Amsterdam, Kop Zuidas


54 apartments with facilities for elderly with dementia or somatic health problems; 3 apartments are suitable for living with a partner




Def- September 2021


Amsterdams New Build Price 2021
ARC Interior Award 2020 (de Architect)


Caring for people with dementia


Zuidoever is a 24/7 care institution for elderly with dementia or somatic health problems. The project breaks rigorously with the existing building tradition of care and nursing homes.. It embraces a high-quality living where residents feel comfortable and happy during the various phases of their illness. It is the first project according to ‘De Oevers’, the new housing, care and welfare formula of the Amsterdam care organization Cordaan.

The building adapts to the residents; their world can shrink and expand depending on what they need. When mental and physical capacities decline, the living environment automatically becomes smaller. The building takes this development into account. There are gradual transitions and logical circuits (“living rings”) that can be linked to larger circuits. In this way, people with different action radius come into contact with each other in a natural way.






TANGRAM has also determined and designed the interior of the building. Much attention has been paid to the tactility of materials, because the sense of touch remains the longest of all senses.

Zuidoever has been designed in such a way that it is future proof. If wishes or target groups change, the building can be easily adapted.

Garden and winter garden

nomination video Amsterdam New Built Price 2021

The modest main entrance

Main entrance in evening light

Outside flows into the inside in the form of vertical greenery

Tactile materials, wall hangings, different use of color and light, it all helps with the orientation in the building

The winter garden is a green oasis that can be used all year round

Almost seamless transition from the garden to the winter garden

The open kitchen on the top floor. Lots of day light and warm colors

Different materials, colors and textures help residents find their way around the building