Expressiveness adds to functionality.

Designed like a fox’s den, the municipality office reveals the openness of governance. With sculptural openings in the facade, the eye is guided from the most public entrance to the more secluded meeting areas with the administration and civil servants.

Education is the foundation of a good future . Educational buildings can help tremendously in achieving quality learning, if more than a collection of classrooms. Building design and appearance can express the specific goals of the institution. The multicolored openness of the HLW, a multi-cultural school in Amsterdam West, has given the school an enormous boost.

As the center of the VU Campus, the new main building should give expression to its primary function: education and research. With a large inviting gesture, the building expresses study life to the outside world. Its heart is formed by a large auditorium-like space in open contact with the campus square. Indoor and outdoor spaces merge, learning and studying can take place anywhere.