The mixing of functions provides added value for everyone.

The program of OURDOMAIN, with its large amount of city apartments along with a stack of collective functions for the residents, provides more than just functional support in daily life. These include spaces equipped with washing machines, music studios, communal kitchens and bars, study and training facilities, and an impressive shared roof terrace. These spaces within the vertical city building also encourage interaction and collaborative endeavors. In this way, a vibrant community is formed within a world of expats hailing from more than 80 nationalities.

The combination of a large hotel with amenities such as a restaurant, fitness center, and swimming pool, topped with luxury city apartments, creates a pleasant symbiosis. For the hotel, this yields a considerable additional clientele, while the residents lack nothing. Galaxy also serves the city with its large atrium, an associated restaurant and bar, and shopping street along the Jaarbeursboulevard. In this way, the building becomes ‘the vestibule for the city’.

‚ÄčThe Raadhuisplein in Drachten provides a comprehensive mix of retail, healthcare, parking, and residential spaces. On this formerly partially vacant and aged central part of the city, homes of various types, kinds, and sizes have been stacked atop the shopping area, complete with green gardens and squares on an elevated street level.