Amsterdam-West, Jan van Schaffelaarplantsoen


239 apartments, 400 m2 facilities, parking garage


Ontwikkelcombinatie SBB-De Nijs JvS VOF


Urban Sync and Cascoland


June 2019


SKG Award 2021 Excellent sustainable area development (Delft TU)
Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2020 (audience award Gouden A.A.P)
Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2019/2020 (NAi)

Five nominations: BNA Best Building; ARC Award Best Architecture 2019; StiB Award 2019; Zuiderkerk prize Amsterdam 2019; Residential Building of the Year 2019

A joint dance


The Jan van Schaffelaarplantsoen is a noisy place along the A10 highway, on the edge of the Amsterdam Kolenkitbuurt. This undeveloped site had for a long time an important function for the neighborhood as green space and meeting place. It is precisely here that a substantial program of housing needed to be developed.

A difficult task that has been achieved through a unique collaboration between designers, builder, investor, municipality and local residents. Tangram took the initiative for Rhapsody in West together with Urban Sync. Artist collective Cascoland represented the neighborhood. The project combines a high building density with plenty of room for green and water. Furthermore, it is a meeting place for the neighborhood.

A wonderfull example of openness and connection with the neighborhood in an architectural and social sense – jury raport  Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2020

The special round shapes of the blocks contribute to the compactness of the plan. They also bend the sound of the highway so that no noise barriers are needed on the side of the A10.

By making use of the height difference to the bridge over the A10, space is created for hiding parking, storage and water buffering. The open allotment on the neighborhood side creates ‘air’ between the building blocks, making the residential complex look inviting.

A special mix of sustainabolity and social inclusion. A good example of compact architecture, also for other cities – juryrapport SKG Award 2021

Energy factory

Noteworthy is the extremely good energy performance with a negative EPC (- 0,037). The whole complex is a large energy factory. The residents supply energy to the grid after deducting their own use. This is due to various measures, including solar cells.

de Volkskrant 28-06-2019: **** (four stars) architecture journalist Kirsten Hannema 

Located on the Amsterdam ring road, on the outer edge of the Kolenkit neighborhood, built after the Second World War. 


The public courtyard is a green urban oasis with water features and a neigborhood greenhouse (KolenkitKas). Alle kinds of activities take place there. In summer, vegiies and herbs are grown. There are also other activities such as cooking and clothing exchange. 

The back building (at the ring road) and the block on the busy Bos en Lommerweg ensure that the inner area is an oasis. There is hardly any noise form the traffic. The ‘walls’ and the rounded shapes deflect the sound.