Greenery and water in an inviting urban intermediary space are important for the quality of life

Between the four interconnected residential sculptures of Crystal Court, the water and greenery seamlessly continue from the adjacent Flevopark. The interstitial space blossoms as a sheltered and informal meeting area for the residents, while the water creates a fitting distance to the lower houses, and with its reflections, provides a spatial experience of this high-density residential building.

In the Veste on Ijburg, well-designed transitions from the residences to the semi-public and collective intermediary spaces within the block create a usable outdoor space for social interaction and relaxation. This interaction fosters a sense of ownership, resulting in well-maintained and atmospheric places.

At Kavel 14, a different method of stacking and an adaptable building structure allow for a reimagining of the classic closed building block, with room for all imaginable housing categories for both young and old, and green outdoor spaces on various floors. This arrangement creates space within a city block for apartments and maisonettes, as well as stacked single-family homes and group homes, optionally equipped with care facilities for the elderly.