design study (2018); 7500 m2 residential and utility spaces


TANGRAM Architekten, Smit’s Bouwbedrijf, NIBE, Hiensch engineering, Daring Dutch

From crib to rocking chair


Kavel 14 is a circular residential building in the broadest sense of the word. There is circular use of building materials and it is also circular as a social statement. This residential block can reinvent itself time and again, it can transform itself to its residents’ latest requirements and desires, in any which stage of life they may be in. Thus creating a valuable social community.

The building is sustainable on all fronts: construction-wise, economically ànd socially. Mostly recycled materials are used for the construction. This is also guaranteed by a so called materials passport. Kavel 14 has therefore an excellent environmental score. The building is, of course, also energy neutral; it has a very low energy performance coefficient value (EPC value).


What makes this project really unique, is its capacity to adjust itself constantly as a construction kit. This makes the project future proof. The building can transform itself to the requirements of all the different stages of life. From crib to rocking chair. The floors and walls are easy to divide, there is a great freedom of space. This allows the creation of different housing types, on one or more levels. All kinds of combinations are possible. The smart construction with removable floor segments and the intelligent positioning of technical installations make this possible. If needed, apartments and maisonnettes can be divided up, or be combined or rebuilt into community residencies, for instance for the elderly.

The defining visual aspect of the project are the greenhouses. As a second layer around the building they create a wonderful outdoor area, almost year round. Also, the greenhouses protect the facade against the wind and cold. At the top floor there is a big communal greenhouse.

The defining visual aspect of Kavel 14 are the greenhouses. This gives the building a transparent and striking appearance. The greenhouses can be partially opened to create a comfortable indoor climate. As a second layer around the building they create a delightful outdoor space. The greenhouses also protect the façade against wind and cold

The building has a shield of greenhouses

Thanks to the staggered design of the inside of the building block, gardens are possible everywhere, even on the higher floors. The gradually rising landscape not only provides privacy but also gives a nice, soft feeling. The private garden plateaus can only be accessed from homes, others are intended as a communal garden.There is also space for a children’s playground, a catering facility with a terrace and even a water basin for collecting rainwater.

On the top floor there is a large communal greenhouse. The double height creates a beautiful vantage point.