Immeasureably Important invites you to participate in a dialogue about shaping a future in which architecture and artificial intelligence are approached holistically, a harmony of measurable and seemingly immeasurable values.

The world is too valuable to be thoughtlessly overbuilt

The best solutions lie at the intersection of urban planning and architecture

A program is the beginning, but not the end

Technology and economics are crucial prerequisites for a sustainable concept

Sustainability is physical, socio-cultural, and economic

Compactness, energy, and ecology can go hand in hand.

The soft values (social impact, ‘happiness,’ ‘well-being,’ and ‘healthy living,’ and ‘aesthetics’) provide a construction project with tangible economic value

Density is a prerequisite for qualitatively good space in the city and in buildings

The process, the journey, is a crucial prerequisite for the ultimate beauty of the project

Collective spaces constitute important ingredients in urban and building design

Data, AI, and participation will be decisive in future developments