In a city full of life, a more compact house suffices

Small urban residential housing with common facilities
There is high demand for more housing in cities. But urban land is scarce and expensive, so building homes with smaller footprints makes sense. The quality of life of the urban resident must however be guaranteed.

Some needs that are conditional for life quality no longer have a place in a small housing unit, but have to be available within walking distance. It is important to provide facilities for communal use, such as indoor and outdoor leisure spaces, a launderette, bicycle storage, fitness room and work-at-home space, like OURDOMAIN Rotterdam.

The positive effect will be that these spaces, if properly managed, can lead to a sense of community and ownership not only with the apartment itself, but also with the building as a whole. This has already proven to have a positive effect on the wellbeing and mental health of residents, as well as management of the building.

What we love, we will maintain.