Care facility for people with dementia, 116 apartments with amenities in the dunes.


DSV Verzorgd Leven




Designed with care in the dunes of Katwijk

The new building for DSV Salem, a care institution with a Christian identity, places emphasis on core values: love, joy, togetherness, and craftsmanship. The happiness and well-being of residents and staff, as well as the relationship between humans and nature, take center stage. This is crucial in this location, situated amidst the foothills of the dune area, associated with Natura 2000. Our principles for elderly care housing, applied previously at Zuidoever in Amsterdam for both individuals with dementia and those with somatic problems, seamlessly align with this context.

Eleven residential groups, each comprising 10 apartments with shared facilities, along with one group for the hospice, are partially nestled in two volumes within the dune landscape. This design ensures that everyone lives in close proximity to the beautiful natural surroundings. In the intermediate section, the main entrance, a central gathering square with a restaurant, day activities, a hairdresser, and some office facilities are situated.




The residential groups are organized to allow residents to ‘wander’ within the group, encountering various places for staying and socializing. The kitchen in each group is centrally located in the communal area, inviting residents to participate or enjoy a drink at the bar. Zuidoever, now in operation for three years, has proven that such an arrangement contributes to the happiness and well-being of all building users, showing a significantly lower average care demand and reduced employee absenteeism.

The location in the vulnerable dune area has a significant impact on the design and technical implementation. Overall, the new construction results in a reduction in CO2 and nitrogen load compared to the existing situation. Love for life… and for nature.”

The location: Between village and dunes 

A building hidden in the dunes 

Ground floor

First floor

Section with natural light

Entrance, restaurant, physiotherapy space