Amsterdam Buitenveldert


transformation traditional office space


TANGRAM Architekten



From the late 1990s on, Tangram Architects was based in the renovated Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam Zuid. When that space became too cramped, the office relocated to Buitenveldert, a stone’s throw from the Zuidas district and Amsterdamse Bos. Originally a traditional office full of closed spaces on the first floor, the space was totally transformed into a modern, transparent working environment.

The sturdy concrete structure and the room freed up after removing the ceiling produces a sense of generous space. Moreover, installations are left exposed. Sound is absorbed by the big coffers in the structure. The new spatial arrangement deliberately keeps clear of the regular grid of structural columns and — with the exception of a number of closed office and meeting spaces — is kept as open as possible, 


and detailed smoothly and cleanly in plasterwork and glass. Coarse open fabric filters the outdoor light and ensures unity between materials. Walls of mat glass strips with built-in illumination ensure visual contact between the various spaces.

The multipurpose area on the ground floor can be used for lunches and gatherings. In contrast to the office floor above, the choice here was for a more intimate and festive mood with black walls and red highlights.

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