Urban planning study for 500 residences


Eurowoningen, Rotterdam




The eastern bank of the Spaarne, just a stone’s throw away from the city center of Haarlem, is the intended location for the ‘City Over the Spaarne.’ The beautiful setting of the area relative to the city center is utilized by achieving a relatively high density that still maintains a very open character. The contrast between densely built and open spaces is maximized. Water and greenery create a high-quality living environment, establishing a continuum of ’emptiness,’ light, and air, making the high density on the land tongues acceptable for residents.

The strips of land are connected in a north-south direction by an access axis slightly twisted in relation to the orthogonal roads of Schalkwijk and the new land tongues. The densely built land tongues in the east-west direction are interspersed with open spaces of greenery and water. The four building volumes along the Spaarne form the termination of these land tongues. On the north side, five residential towers serve as an introduction to the busy Schipholweg and as a landmark for the neighborhood. The inner curve of the water is designated for a large park with sports facilities.