Study of Traffic and Urban Planning Solutions for City Gateway Enhancement


Triborgh Bouwontwikkeling, Dura Vermeer i.s.m. Advin Infra


2007, design study



Tilburg needs to expand, but within the city’s boundaries. Located on the southern side of the city is the 40-hectare area ‘t Laar’, which was the subject of an urban study conducted in collaboration with a traffic engineering office, developers and an architect. The scheme focused on finding a lasting traffic solution, strengthening the urban structure, realizing a sizeable program of housing and amenities, and designing this important gateway to the city.

The solution is surprisingly simple: the approach roads are optimized (for example with the addition of a super-roundabout) and sunken below ground. The soil removed is then used to raise the ground level and cover the roads with a ‘green carpet’. As a result, space is created above ground, and environmental and noise pollution is practically eliminated. The sunken super-roundabout fulfils a pivotal role: as ‘park and ride’, bus station, mega-supermarket, and site of an iconic tower.



The newly created area offers space for residential complexes and single-family housing. Along the edges, where the roads dip beneath the green carpet, a perfect space is created for a distinctively municipal function, for example a ‘Museum Tilburg’. The final result is more than 15,000 m2 of high quality and sustainable residential and employment amenities – and a 38-hectare park. That makes the study a classic example of increasing density within the existing city.