Haarlem            The Netherlands
Almere               The Netherlands
Almelo               The Netherlands
Tilburg               The Netherlands
Bristol,               The United States of America
Washington        The United States of America









Sustainability is a term frequently used, often without clear delineation. The concept is multifaceted and is not strictly confined to being “green” or related solely to nature. It extends beyond being merely “energy-efficient” or “CO2-neutral.” This holds true for the sustainability of buildings.

Assessing the sustainability of buildings can be misleading: the most energy-efficient, CO2-neutral structure may perform poorly on the sustainability scale if it is situated in an unsuitable location. The spatial dimension, absent from current measurement methods, ultimately determines the genuine sustainable value of buildings and the built environment.

BALANCE illustrates old and new dimensions of sustainability in construction. It goes beyond a critical examination of the evolution of the sustainability concept in various phases and perspectives – it represents an attempt to advance the concept.

BALANCE was an interactive exhibition comprehensible to audiences with varying levels of knowledge. It was developed with the collaboration of a group of students from the Academy of Architecture. Visitors included professionals in the field, housing corporations, investors, municipal authorities, as well as casual passersby and tourists. The exhibition was frequently visited by school classes led by their teachers. Following a tour in the Netherlands, it was also showcased at various universities in the United States, including Bristol, RI, and Washington, DC.

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