Johan Cruyff Foundation, Amsterdam



The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports sports projects for children worldwide. Former football player and global icon Cruijff is convinced that engaging in sports together contributes to a better society, establishes connections, and fosters solidarity and understanding. The foundation pays special attention to disabled and less privileged youth.

The office of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, located in the reconstructed Olympic Stadium under the stands, had to align with the foundation’s objectives in the new design. In the original layout, a large conference table formed the heart of the space. However, a significant drawback was the disturbance during meetings for the rest of the work areas.

In the new interior, a transparent, egg-shaped, semi-enclosed meeting space serves as a symbol for contact and collaboration. The workspaces are situated around this central element.

The foundation’s color, orange, is prominently featured in various areas of the interior, as per their explicit request: as a light panel behind the poster wall, in a ring above the meeting space, and with accents in the dark blue floor.