120 flexible apartments, built parkingspace


Ballast Ontwikkeling BAM Bouw


2010 Unbuilt



A key site in the new Columbuskwartier district in Almere, located along one of the main feeder roads, will accommodate a big block of apartments that will be nothing less than a sustainability icon for the new ‘Almere principles’. The building is set in an urban zone of greenery, which also contains special commercial development.

The basic principles are complete self-sufficiency in terms of heat and electricity. This is achieved through the generation of active and passive solar energy in diagonally positioned greenhouses, and active solar energy from solar cells in the opaque areas of the south-facing glazed façade.

Less well orientated to the sun, the two other façades of this prism-shaped building contain less fenestration and are fitted with wooden palisades that support greenery. The concrete structure is designed to facilitate variations in apartment size without major interventions. Accordingly, this building can accommodate units of 70 to 110 m2 in size, which can be connected together to form even larger units.