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On special request Tangram works on private homes. We do new constructions, intensive renovations and interior design. Our approach is to look for the most spatial solutions Our approach is always to  create the greatest possible spaciousness so that a house feels more spacious than it actually is. Daylight plays an important role in this.

In addition, a lot of attention is paid to the layout so that the various residential functions are given logical place. Whether it’s cooking, eating, playing, watching TV, listening to music or lounging on the couch. Sometimes you want to do this in a space that is in contact with other parts of the house, sometimes in a more private environment.

It’s all about finding the right balance between the spaciousness and the degree of privacy.


Feel the seasons

The immediate environment (garden and outdoor space) is part of the living pleasure. In most Europe countries people spend most of their time indoors. That’s why it is nice if you are in contact with the outside and the seasons, without having to leave the house. We take this into account in the design. Some places in the house have a clear relationship with the outdoors and are more open, others embrace you and provide intimate warmth in the winter, such as a sitting area around a fireplace.

This applies not only to new construction, but also to renovations. Every house can have a second life, often with a revolutionary different set-up and layout.

Often much more is possible than expected. The sustainability lies in the re-use and in the added value you create with a well-renovated home.