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OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak

OurDomain is located on a site charged with history, in the heart of old Rotterdam. In May 1940, when Germany invaded the Netherlands, the city centre was totally erased. OurDomain occupies the exact centre of that devastating bombing. Now the site enjoys excellent access by public transport and is within walking distance of the most important urban amenities. Moreover, OurDomain is strategically located on the new ‘Knowlegde Axis’ of university buildings, medical centres and high-quality employment services.

Despite that, a development on this site might not immediately appear possible. The narrow, triangular patch of grass, set against the embankment of the extended Willems Bridge, offers little space, but a smart arrangement makes this site suitable for approximal 600 small dwellings in a 70 metres high tower.

OurDomain occupies a pivotal position between the old and new parts of the city. That is why additional amenities complement the residential programme. The first floor contains various public functions such as a café, shops, fitness centre and workspaces for students. These lower floors are open in character, allowing the life of the street to extend inside the building.

The architecture echoes Rotterdam’s vigorous post-war architecture. A striking feature is the transparent façade cladding, behind which a ‘second façade’ is illuminated after dark.


Location Rotterdam
Completion 2021
Clients Stebru Vastgoed; Boag bv; Greystar
Construction Stebru
Description Campus tower with 612 apartments, units for study and education, offices, café/restaurant and shops.


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