Rhapsody in West, in the Amsterdam Kolenkit neighborhood, has been nominated for the Cities in Motion Award 2019. The prize is for the most successful area reinforcement that contributes to the vitality and dynamism of the city or village. The nominated projects are judged on quality, in particular the impulse they give to the environment.
Rhapsody forms a social link in the Kolenkit neighborhood, barely 10 years ago the worst neighborhood in the Netherlands. The residential complex includes 239 rental homes, a publicly accessible courtyard with a garden and greenhouse (meeting place for the neighborhood), a guest house and coffee house where courses, homework assistance and other activities are possible. Owner CBRE has also appointed five community managers who live on the site and who act as a link between the residents and the neighborhood.
Last year King Willem-Alexander visited the neighborhood and Rhapsody. During this surprise visit, he was guided by Roel Schoenmakers of the artists’ collective Cascoland, an organization that has been active in the Kolenkit neighborhood for years. The Rhapsody program has been developed in close collaboration with the neighborhood and Cascoland. A successful top down – bottom up approach. The project will be completed this spring.

The winner of the StiB Award 2019 will be announced on 6 June at the Provada real estate fair in Amsterdam (at the Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance stand). The prize is a joint initiative of Real Estate Market and real estate investor Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance.