On Wednesday, February 21, Florian Witsenburg and Rudolf Koster delivered an insightful masterclass on the functioning and applications of the Tygron data platform. The platform enables the rapid and easy visualization and integration of spatial datasets. Additionally, it allows for the real-time examination of the effects of adjustments to the built environment. Thus, Tygron can bridge the gap between various advisors and optimize the design process. Furthermore, it can play a crucial role in informing municipalities and residents. All of this is within the framework of the upcoming joint exhibition: “IMMEASURABLY IMPORTANT: the hard value of soft values and the rise of AI in spatial design.” This exhibition will take place at TAQA Theater de Vest in Alkmaar and opens on May 1st. We are organizing this exhibition in collaboration with AIA Alkmaar, TYGRON Accelerated Simulations Platform, TU Delft Design Informatics, TU Eindhoven Computational Structural Design, the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, and developers Smits and de Nijs. More information will be available soon!