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Water Neighbourhood

Water was proposed as the theme for the elaboration of one area of the Vleuten Water District. Rainwater is usually drained off as quickly and invisibly as possible. In this plan, however, drainage is embraced as a positive element and deployed to add life to the street, in combination with various measures to save water and energy inside the homes.

The plan consists of twenty houses, all situated on open water, and eleven houses parallel to them on a street to the rear. Rainwater flows from the roof through ‘waterfalls’ into a shared drain between the dwellings and the street. From here the water flows to the middle of the block and into a collecting basin before crossing the street in a curved channel and beneath the row of houses overlooking the water, and then into a second basin that drains into open water. The curved channel functions as an inverted ramp for vehicles. The open channel that passes the houses crosses private property and thus calls for coordinated maintenance and management by residents. This functional dependence on one another has heightened social cohesion among residents on the street, with a lively owners’ association. Special houses with an extra transparent zone skirt around the water basins.

Location Vleuten – De Meern
Completion 1995
Client Heddes Vastgoed, Badhoevedorp
Construction Heddes Bouw, Amsterdam
Description 31 waterdwellings