How do we want to experience the city of the (near) future? Host Erna van Holland of the Dutch Design Week (DDW) talk show Future Cities asked four specialists.
People make the city, they respond to their environment and to each other. What experiences do we want to have in the city of the future and what does this mean for space, services and property relations?

Guests at the table were Bart Mispelblom Beyer (Tangram), Renée Scheepers (conducts research into people and their stories), Paul Kuipers (intervention architect) and Nadia Menkveld (sector economist ABN Amro about their publication City as a service) .

Tangram was chairman of Team Triangel, which researched The City of the Future in 2018. The team had as a case study Eindhoven, where tens of thousands of extra homes are to be built. It devised a completely new approach and an urban transition game for area development. The core of the new approach: to cope with all major transition and social problems, we have to get rid of the traditional approach, based on politics and power. Every intervention must be based on data (knowledge) and the participation of all stakeholders. Because ‘making city’ is increasingly becoming a combination of choosing, forming coalitions and jointly solving issues.