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Laan van Orden

Blocks of apartments and ground-access dwellings alternate with one another on the site of  Opstandingskerk, a former church, in Apeldoorn. These different scales continue in the new residential complex. To generate a high density – with 72 apartments and 12 patio dwellings, significantly higher than the average in the surroundings – and a maximum degree of openness, it was decided to stack not only dwelling types but also the landscape. The basement car park and ground-access patio dwellings on the north side have a green roof that descends to Laan van Orden. This field forms the base on which the four apartment blocks are set.                                                         

The proposal creates maximum density without sacrificing the sense of transparency, the high quality and the open plot arrangement. Collectivity, privacy and comfort are achieved by placing four clusters of apartments along the access route above a layer of amenities, car parking spaces and ground-access dwellings. To soften the density of the apartment development, the blocks are sculptural in form, thereby avoiding any direct façade confrontations and giving a feeling of flowing space.

The undulating ground plane beneath the towers lends the complex a sense of spaciousness. On the north side, the ground-access dwellings are located beneath the raised ground plane, allowing them to blend harmoniously with the small-scale character of the neighbourhood and achieving an extra increase in density.


Location Apeldoorn
Completion 2009
Client Woningstichting De Goede Woning
Construction Nikkels Bouwbedrijf
Description 72 apartments, 12 patio bungalows, 112 parking spaces
Awards 2008 Nomination Architecture prize Apeldoorn; Nomination Building of the year


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