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This small, oddly shaped site along Vondellaan is bordered by a busy road for through traffic, a professional training college, a small-scale neighbourhood, and a quiet street. Proximity to the city centre prompted the idea of achieving the highest possible density here without compromising on quality. The new block contains 67 dwellings, double the original number planned. In addition, the block contains a supermarket, an Open University and a car park — functions that mark the transition to the surrounding context in their own way.

The tower with amenities and apartments on the busy Vondellaan forms a neighbourhood landmark. Crowning the single-family homes along Croesestraat is a row of maisonettes and apartments that are accessed by a ‘raised street’ on the second floor. This street and the variety of dwelling types enabled a doubling of the number of dwellings. The semi-public roof street and roof garden symbolize the connection between the various levels and constitute the designed ‘emptiness’ at the heart of the plan, introducing air and space, despite the high density.

The Vondellaan project creates densely designed urban space in a remarkable manner. The living and working environment is determined by the careful transition between public and private, between functions, and between open and closed.

Location Utrecht
Completion 2002
Client Hopman/Interheem, Utrecht
Construction Bouwmij
Description 67 apartments, parking garage, office spaces and super market

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