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Crystal Court

Crystal Court is located on a relatively small site located between Amsterdamse Bos and Flevopark. A dense development was planned on this green site, made up of 36 villas above a car park. Maximizing the sense of openness and through views, the volumes are stacked — small ones below, big above — to create one continuous space between them with plenty of greenery and water. Despite the density, therefore, the complex blends harmoniously with its park-like setting, and all apartments enjoy optimal views, privacy and sunshine.

‘Un-built space’ combined with high density is an important aspect of the design. The volumetric configuration sets up an interplay between the stacked volumes, green surroundings and open space. Ensuring a transition between public and private, collective spaces enhance the quality of the living environment in an urban setting that is increasing in density all the time.

Both the main entrance and car park entrance, as well as the shared facilities, are located in the collective atrium. The central garden and ponds enliven this in-between space. Most apartments have balconies that overlook this winter garden and others that face the surroundings.

The residents, partly independant elderly , may use services like laundry, catering , cleaning etc.


Location Amsterdam
Completion 2009
Client Hillen&Roosen
Construction Hillen&Roosen
Description 36 free standing/stacked residences
Awards 2010 New building prize Amsterdam; Nomination Daylight Award; 2008 Nomination Gouden Aap



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